Welcome to the 2019 UpStart Colorado Teen Fellowship application. We're so glad you have made it here and are interested in being a part of this year's cohort!

What's this year's program all about? Our fellowship is committed to working with you to find your voice. We firmly believe in the power teens have to make an impact, and we at UpStart find that through social entrepreneurship and design thinking training, we can amplify your powerful ideas. In our Fellowship you will be given the space and tools to thoughtfully explore yourself and discover ways in which you can create innovative and authentic solutions to pressing issues in our community.

So what will we actually be doing?

  • We meet in Denver on Sunday afternoons from 4-7pm for Design Labs - hands-on experiences through which we will learn and practice design mindsets, tools, and skills. Working collaboratively in teams, we will design initiatives to positively impact our local Jewish community.
  • Throughout the year we will participate in two community service days that will inform ways other local organizations are realizing change, we will go out into our communities and test ideas we design in our Labs, and we will meet with community organizers and field experts to learn from their real-world experiences.
  • Near the end of the Fellowship, we will gather our friends, families, and community supporters for our annual Fellow Showcase, where you and your teams will pitch and test the ideas you have developed over our six months together.

Who should apply? Jewish high school students with an appetite for creating change, openness to feedback, and a commitment to collaboratively pursuing an idea that will inspire their community.

If this program piques your interest and you think we just described you, let's get started...

Our applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. After submitting your application, our staff will reach out to you about next steps, which could include setting up an interview with you.

We will announce this year's cohort on Monday, October 29, so please get your applications in as soon as you can. 

Please save these Sundays in your calendar:

  • Program Begins with Orientation (2pm-7pm) - November 11
  • Design Labs (4pm-7pm) - December 2 & 9; January 6, 13, & 27; February 3, 10, & 24; March 3, 10, & 17
  • Service Days (optional but highly recommended) - January 20 & February 17
  • Fellow Showcase (4pm-7pm) - April 7
  • Reflection & Next Steps (4pm-7pm) - April 14

More information can be found at upstartlab.org/colorado-2/.  Contact Yoni Buckman with questions at yonib@upstartlab.org, or by phone/text at 248-880-5919.